Sep 252014
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Sep 252014


Construct 2 is an amazing application that allows users to create HTML5 compatible games. Every game has the ability to run in any HTML5 compatible browser. The software also allows users to upload there games to apps stores such as Google Play and Apples app market using a special wrapper essentially making them into native apps, or atleast from the users perspective.

These are the tutorial series that I started with when developing the games found on this site.

Here is the tutorial listing.


I started with the TDS Demo Game Tutorial

This guide will walk you through the process of creating a Top Down Shooter using Construct.

Here is the game that you end up creating.

Create HTML5 games


If you prefer video tutorials then these are essentially the same as the written guide.



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Sep 252014


This is a goo starting place If you are interestedin learning to use Construct 2 (Which the game on this site are made with). This series is pretty basic and easy to understand. It is really just a video guide based on the demo TDS guide posted on the official Scirra site.

Actually This guy has a lot of great videos covering many topics. Check him out. TheNewBoston


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